on now: small works show, 775 art and craft gallery red hill

Exhibition dates from the 3 October- 25 october 2009
at 775 art and craft Gallery
1/159 shoreham rd
red hill, victoria

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Recent 2009 Shows:

addisson road centre

2008 shows: 34 Degrees South, Bondi Pavilion Gallery Sydney

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Statement from the Artist:
“The problem is to dominate reality, and by extracting its substance, to reveal it to itself.”
(Henri Matisse, 1915)

A fun-park mirror reflects an imagined reality, and in the same way I use icons from Sydney Harbour; the bridge, flag, arch and crane; to reflect and create personal meaning from my surroundings.

A feeling of alienation is created in my work through abstraction of urban symbols, which comment on the instability and rapid pace of change experienced today. I feel that our society clings to past technologies and ideas, as in a nostalgic world we are grounded and anchored to a known but ultimately false perception.

Interaction is encouraged through working with space and colour to create a visual dialogue between the artwork and the viewer. My work speaks of the temporary and illusionary, to question and provoke the viewer’s own fears towards the unknown.

While I now consider it home, Australia was an intimidating, foreign place when I arrived by boat in the 1950’s. The experience of this nautical viewpoint must have been a powerful one because it continues to influence the nature of my work. Enigmatic images of rich colour and a strong sense of personal connectedness to my surrounds inform my interpretation of that experience.

Seen from the water I meld the iconic architecture of Sydney’s bridges with older forms of the aqueduct arch. My artworks blend past and present to visually reflect the tension of our society between the solidity of the past and an uncertain future.
- Jane Eagger, August 2008.

Exhibition dates from the 26 August – 7 September 2008
at The Bondi Pavilion Gallery
Queen Elizabeth Drive
Bondi Beach 2026


2007 shows: Sydney Rap, Ultimo Project Gallery Sydney

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Jane Eagger's work for the "Sydney Rap" exhibition explore themes of general urban experience, while distinctly connecting to the Sydney landscape. The artwork speaks of the drama present in cities and their ability to combine space, colour and form in compelling relationships.

Taking lead from the sampling style of contemporary rap music Jane Eagger's artworks fuse the influence of Matisse with Japanese Zen art (Zenga). This collage of cross-cultural influences push the boundaries of expression, creating works of emotive urban calligraphy.

Exhibition dates from the 27 May - 3 June 2007
At the Ultimo Project Gallery
24/142 Addison Rd
Marrickville 2204

+61400873132 jane@meeng.com.au

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art oil painting
“Night of Dark Intent” oil, ink on canvas 240 x 180 cm 2008

art oil painting
“City View 3” oil on canvas 100 x 80 cm 2008

contemporary painting
“Anzac Bridge” oil, ink on canvas 100 x 80 cm 2008

art oil painting
“The Lighthouse” oil on canvas 100 x 80 cm 2008

art acrylic
"sailors delight" Acrylic, ink on canvas 90 x 100 cm 2007

art acrylic
"wind & shadows" Acrylic, ink, oilstick on canvas 90 x 100 cm 2007